envisioning solutions for collaborative practice


The Center for Court Innovation and The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges is pleased to announce the Justice for Families: Envisioning Solutions for Collaborative Practice Workshop.

This two-day workshop offers Justice for Families Grant Program communities the opportunity to engage in strategic thinking and group problem-solving around court and legal issues, and collaboration efforts among community partners intending to enhance safety, promote change, and examine solutions to crucial issues around supervised visitation and safe exchange in cases of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence.

As a result of this workshop, grantee community participants will be better able to:

·        Design a collaborative project that recognizes domestic violence risks and promotes safety for at risk parents and children in a culturally thoughtful manner.

·        Define the respective roles of each of the collaborative partners and utilize the resources of each.

·        Evaluate the necessity, appropriateness, and impact of supervised visitation and exchange services for women, children, and men in domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, child abuse, and dating violence cases.

·        Take the opportunity as collaborative partners to become a catalyst for improving the ways the community supports women, children, and men in the aftermath of domestic violence.



The program will allow each community to engage not only with each other, but also with individual faculty members throughout the two days. Faculty members are national experts that represent varying disciplines such as supervised visitation and exchange providers, domestic violence and sexual assault advocates, attorneys, and judges. 

Who Should Attend?


In order to maximize this training opportunity, communities must attend in teams of 3-5 individuals representing the partnerships recommended by the JFF Supervised Visitation and Exchange Grant Program and Safe Havens Grant Program. Teams may be made of participants from the following disciplines: 


Registration is Closed

Workshop Registration


There is no registration fee to attend. Registration for the workshop is limited and preference will be given on a first come first serve basis. 


This program is pending approval. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have been confirmed via email by the registrar. 

For more information, please contact

Heather Hull at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

(775) 507-4780.